SIR - John Cole in his letter (T&A October 31) on UK trade agreements berates the government for setting up a trade agreement with Japan, pointing out that the soy sauce we will get from them tariff free is already tariff free now, courtesy of the EU.

So despite all the work that's been put into Brexit we'll be precisely where we were in the first place. Mr Cole conveniently forgets to mention the millions of pounds we hand to the EU week in, week out in return for tariff free sauce.

Mr Cole is like a blowfly. It too settles on the bad parts and makes them worse.While choosing to ignore the good parts.

In many of his letters to the T&A he paints a rather gloomy picture of life after January 2021. May I respectfully suggest that he warbles a chorus or two of a very popular song from time to time, recorded by Monty Python: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

I promise him it will work wonders!

David Oyston, Rylands Avenue, Gilstead