SIR - It’s a constant frustration to me to see how the government has managed to divide the nation over the two most momentous issues in 75 years. Firstly they initiated the EU referendum in an ill thought out attempt to heal divisions in their party, which gave oxygen to the hardline nationalists within their ranks, and now they are seriously mishandling the coronavirus issue.

They have somehow managed to convince the public to blame themselves for the failure to control the virus when it is patently obvious that it is down to government delays and poor judgement throughout the crisis.

I’m sure we could all be a bit more forgiving if Boris Johnson and his band of “yes men” would hold their hands up, admit to their mistakes and apologise before taking on board genuine advice in an attempt to stem the flow.

Their refusal to accept any cross party advice is purely political and has nothing to do with he interests of the UK public.

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford