SIR - I was disappointed by the T&A's presentation of the stories concerning the concrete monstrosity known as High Point (October 29 and 30).

Of the £9.4m cost, £2.4m (25per cent) is to be granted by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. So who will be providing the other £7m? You quote: “Bradford Council will be partnering with Circus Development (sic).”

Circus Developments (Bradford) Ltd were incorporated only last year. Surely some basic journalism is warranted here, given Bradford Council’s track record with announcements of grand schemes that never happen. This is public money so one hopes that due diligence is foremost.

Ultimately, it is a spectacularly ugly building, the type of which the Council were only too glad to see demolished to make way for Broadway, so where is the consistency of approach? And if this defines the approach to the top of town then it is doomed from the start.

Steve Wilson, Lenton Villas, Bradford