A SINGER/songwriter from Keighley has released a new Christmas charity single, which has blown up online.

The viral hit, titled Don't Let Me Go, has already been viewed more than 320,000 times on YouTube  and raised hundreds of pounds since its release on November 1, and has been liked more than 5,000 times and has more than 200 comments.

Filmed on location in Haworth and on the Yorkshire moors, Sam Clegg was inspired to write and release the song inspired by the charity effort of local war hero Captain Sir Tom Moore, who raised tens of millions of pounds for NHS charities earlier this year.

The track is being sold online, with proceeds from sales going towards charities working to combat loneliness.

Focused on the issue of social isolation among the elderly throughout lockdown and over the winter period, it tells the story of an elderly man who loses his pet dog 'Bruno' in the lead up to Christmas while out walking on the moors.

Despite days of searching, the man cannot find his beloved Staffordshire bull terrier, and while out searching alone on Christmas Eve suffers a fatal medical episode.

After his death, he is reunited with his beloved dog in the afterlife, before the walk off into the distance.

Sam, 22, said the video is "intentionally emotional" to raise awareness of the sometimes fatal consequences of loneliness on the elderly population, and is dedicated to people who have lost loved ones this year.

In the YouTube comments people praised the video for tackling this serious issue.

Amy Roberts said: "This maybe upsetting for some considering what’s going on, but that’s the whole point.

"This is a reality, it’s what people especially the older generation are going through; crippling loneliness, and we need to help in any way we can especially now, with lockdown looming.

"I hope this video and song reaches far and wide. We need to be there for each other more now than ever."

Steven Fox added: "Some people are missing the whole point!

"Yes the story is emotional and doesn't depict the typical happy ending, but all of those elderly people who are going into another lockdown alone aren't getting their happy ending either.

"This will reflect reality for a lot of people at Christmas this year. You may not like seeing it, but it is the truth."