A BRADFORD district bakery business has confirmed nine members of its staff have tested positive for coronavirus.

The staff members at J Wild (Confectioners), based on Millennium Business Park, Station Road, Steeton, have tested positive for Covid during the pandemic.

The bakery, which has a workforce of around 200 people, says none of those who tested positive contracted Covid while working on-site.

A J Wild (Confectioners) spokesman said: “In the last few months, we have had nine employees who have reported positive tests for Covid-19.

“Each of those involved reported their condition to our HR team by telephone and remained off site, in accordance with employee and Government guidelines which were put in place earlier in the year.

“Our investigations suggest that these individuals did not contract Covid-19 at work but in the community.

“The scale of the current epidemic makes such cases almost inevitable in a workforce of our size.

“Our Covid-19 secure measures were reviewed by the Health & Safety Executive earlier this year and confirmed as safe and appropriate for the current pandemic. “We therefore remain confident that we have all the correct precautions in place to protect employees and their families and ensure we can continue to run our business safely.”