Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay in a luxury property, famed for its architectural brilliance?

In Keighley lies and unconventional ‘Falling Water’ cabin which has been beautifully and thoughtfully designed.

This spectacular property even featured on Channel Four show ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ back in 2019.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Architect and television presenter George Clarke (David Parry/PA)Architect and television presenter George Clarke (David Parry/PA)

This show has been running since 2012 and focuses on people who turn unconventional structures into fantastic places to live.

The Haworth cabin is nestled in the woods and has been built on top of a stream. The idea was to create a tranquil environment with the relaxing rippling background noise of the stream which flows underneath the cabin.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Water flows underneath the cabin (Photo: Canopy and Stars)Water flows underneath the cabin (Photo: Canopy and Stars)

The cabin really allows you to escape into nature and you are likely to encounter plenty of wildlife while staying at this cabin.

Deer have been spotted drinking from the stream and owls are known to hunt nearby.

Inside the cabin it’s very bright, thanks to the windows which wrap around the entire structure and the stained glass door which throws natural light into the cabin when the sun rises.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Inside the cabin (Photo:Canopy and Stars)Inside the cabin (Photo:Canopy and Stars)

Ideal to visit during the winter months, this log cabin has a wood-burner inside to keep the occupants warm.

There is also a compost toilet which is on its own platform just a short distance away from the accommodation.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The compost toilet will really bring you back to nature (Photo:Canopy and Stars)The compost toilet will really bring you back to nature (Photo:Canopy and Stars)

While there aren’t any modern cooking facilities, there is a BBQ on site where you can prepare your own meals in the wilderness.

If you ever get tired of admiring nature and watching the world go by on the cabin’s deck, there are plenty of cultural landmarks to explore nearby.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The cabin's balcony (Photo:Canopy and Stars)The cabin's balcony (Photo:Canopy and Stars)

Hop on board the steam train which featured on The Railway Children, or pop to the nearby CAMRA award-winning Wuthering Heights pub.

The brains behind the construction

Richard and Barbara Trainer own the property.

Richard said the construction was inspired by a building called Fallingwater, which was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 in Pennsylvania.

He told The Telegraph and Argus: “Our intention was to create a smaller, Yorkshire version of Fallingwater.

“The building is over a waterfall and almost stuck up a tree. About 10 people worked on this, and it's turned out really well.

To book this property for yourself, visit Canopy and Stars.