SOME of the Bradford district's MPs have given their views and predictions ahead of today's US election.

The eyes of the world will be Stateside as Donald Trump battles Joe Biden to become the next President of the United States.

Closer to home, Philip Davies, Naz Shah, Judith Cummins and Tracy Brabin have given their views on who they think will become the next leader of the free world and assess the last four year's of the Trump Presidency.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Philip Davies (Shipley MP) said:

"Without the coronaviris pandemic, Trump would be an absolute certainty to win the election.

"Despite his many character flaws, the American people elected him because they thought he could get the economy going and without doubt he had got the economy going.

"With the covid pandemic, he will lose, that's my analysis.

"I think it's a pretty sorry state of affairs in a country the size of the USA that the best two people put up are Donald Trump and Joe Biden, to be perfectly frank. It's a sad reflection of the political state of America at the moment.

"I'm not sure the Democrats could have found anybody worse than Joe Biden.

"It is important to the UK that we get a trade deal with the USA. They are our biggest trade partner in the world.

"Trump is an Anglophile. He has an affection for the UK.

"It is in the UK's best interests if Trump wins. That's the best route for a trade deal. But, of course, the election is a matter for the American people to decide."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Judith Cummins (Bradford South MP) said:

"It is a real shame that during these extremely difficult times for the US and for the whole world, Donald Trump has wasted his presidency by seeking to sow division at the very time the America needed unity.

"His presidency marks a low point for the US on the world stage.

"Elections are unpredictable but I do hope the people of America elect a president more suited to the challenges facing the US."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Naz Shah (Bradford West MP) said:

“The Trump Presidency has been a four-year ego boost for Trump.

"Everything he's done has been to try and boost his brand and his ego.

"He has been divisive, pandered to the hard right and helped fuel right-wing populist divisions across the US. His ignorance over coronavirus has led to over 200,000 deaths.

"From the Paris Accord to the Iranian Nuclear Deal, to almost destroying the hopes of a Two-State Solution for the Palestinian people, it's probably fair to say he has been able to dismantle years of progress on foreign policy.

"The same can be said on everything else he has decided to announce from his Twitter account.

"I really have no words to describe other parts of his 'presidency.'"

On the election, Ms Shah says:

“Polling in the swing states is looking like a Biden victory is possible.

"We have, however, been here before with Hillary (Clinton) ahead but losing the swing states meant she lost the electoral college despite winning the popular vote.

"It is fair to say, my prayers will be with the end to a Trump Presidency.”

Tracy Brabin (Batley and Spen MP) said:

“As we approach the end of his first term as President, my assessment of President Trump is that he has overseen four years of dangerous rhetoric and his followers and supporters across the globe have made political discourse and tolerance of one another disintegrate.

“As someone who has been the victim of misogynistic hate online and who represents an area which has seen the tragic consequences this rhetoric can lead to, I couldn’t say that Trump’s Presidency has been anything but a net loss for liberal democracy.

“I am hoping, like 72 per cent of my constituents, that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the election.

I am looking forward to seeing the US’ first female Vice President in action, and I am sure that this will continue to pave the way for women to get into politics across the globe

“A Joe Biden presidency will hopefully start to heal the US’ fractured political divides, as we have seen he is a unifying figure for so many.“

Keighley and Ilkley MP Robbie Moore did not wish to comment when contacted by the Telegraph and Argus. Bradford East MP Imran Hussain was also contacted by the T&A but has yet to reply.