AN “UTTERLY WICKED” 64-year-old man has been jailed for five years and four months for exploiting a vulnerable child by having sex with her.

Ahmed Thakar, of Cleckheaton Road, Bradford, groomed the teenage girl with money and gifts of jewellery and persuaded her to exchange almost 14,000 phone messages with him, Bradford Crown Court heard today.

He lied to the police and his family about what he had done, saying the allegations were the teenager’s sexual fantasies, prosecutor Gerald Hendron said.

Thakar pleaded guilty on the day of his trial to having sex with the girl and kissing her.

Mr Hendron said the admissions included multiple incidents of sexual intercourse over a short period of time. He told the court that Thakar’s victim was vulnerable.

The married father of three children had kissed her and asked her for her number. He had sex with her on several occasions, bought her make-up and jewellery and gave her money.

Thakar told the child if she saw anyone else, he would come to her house and kill her in front of her family, the court heard.

He said he wanted to marry her despite the fact that he had a wife and family.

Mr Hendron said that when the police seized Thakar’s phone they found 13,890 messages exchanged between him and the child. He knew she was underage when he told her not to wear underwear when they met up and promised her “good sex.”

In her victim personal statement, the girl said she now found it hard to trust people.

Abigail Langford, Thakar’s barrister, said his wife had written to the court asking for leniency for her husband who had “never hurt anyone.”

He was a hard working builder who had supported her during her serious health problems.

Miss Langford said a jail sentence would be very difficult for Thakar, who had no previous convictions, especially with the Covid-19 lockdown. Seeing him go to prison would be a tragedy for his wife and family.

Judge Jonathan Rose spoke of the “utter wickedness” of Thakar’s behaviour. He had lied to his family and did not accept any responsibility for his actions.

“Children cannot protect themselves and cannot understand that sexual activity is not for them until they are much older and in a proper relationship,” Judge Rose stated.

Thakar, who was now a grandfather, had told a tissue of lies.

“You are devoid of any remorse whatsoever,” Judge Rose said.

He made a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and ordered Thakar to sign on the sex offender register, both without limit of time.