THE spirits are out tonight...and you may find some in these old Bradford pubs.

There are many pubs across the district that are said to be haunted. Spirits have been heard ringing bells, scaring staff and giggling in our historic inns.

As Halloween approaches, we take a look at 10 of the district’s most haunted pubs.

In Grosvenor Hotel, on Ivegate in Bradford, a mysterious barman was often heard to be moving chains. Over in Haworth, the Old White Lion is said to be haunted by the ghost of celebrated balloonist and parachutist Lily Cove.

In 1906 balloonist Lily tragically fell to her death when her parachute failed at Haworth gala. Her ghost is said to haunt the Old White Lion, where she spent her last night

Branwell Bronte was no stranger to Haworth’s pubs and he remains a regular at the Black Bull, where his spirit, with dishevelled red hair and wild eyes, is said to have appeared.

A century or so ago, the landlady of the Old Silent Inn, Stanbury, fed feral cats by ringing a bell calling them to her door from surrounding moorland. The bell can still be heard across the moor.

The Blue Bell in Shipley was said to be haunted - until it was exorcised by a team of spiritualists.

And if you’re ever in the Cricketers Arms, Keighley, and you spot a chap in a flat cap, look again. It could be the pub ghost.

The Old White Horse is one of Bingley’s oldest pubs, and said to be home to a giggling ghost. It seems even spirits enjoy the occasional tipple...

The White Swan in Idle has a 250-year history and there have been weird happenings reported there, not least a regular sighting of a woman near the cellar door.

One of the district’s less politically-correct ghosts can be found at the 100-year-old Harp of Erin, off Westgate in Bradford, where a cheeky spectre is said to have groped staff.

And the Dog and Gun at Oxenhope is reputed to have a mischievous resident ghost with a taste for playing Julio Iglesias songs at top volume. Now that’s a terrifying prospect!