BRADFORD residents have been sharing their plans for how they will be spending their last weekend under Tier 2 restrictions, before the strictest Tier 3 lockdown rules come into force on Monday.

The Tier 3 Very High local Covid alert level comes into force from 00.01am on Monday, forcing pubs and bars, soft play centres, casinos and bettin shops to close their doors, and restrictions on socialising across West Yorkshire.

People have told us how they plan to spend their weekend, with the overwhelming majority abiding by the regulations and staying at home avoiding socialising to help reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

Carole Lawson said: "Same as all weekends since this all began. A full food shop and then going nowhere apart from Costa del Sofa."

Kimberley Jayne added: "Same as always, nothings changed for my family. Husband and I work from home, kids at school. Don’t go anywhere other than supermarket, walks in the woods and the gym, no change here."

Lesley Grayon said: "Sticking to the rules, trying not to be selfish. Wishing this would have an effect and things would brighten up and that I could see my family and friends again soon."

Some people have said they are making the most of being able to see family and visiting local businesses.

Andy Holdsworth sad: "Taking the grandkids on the pumpkin hunt in town (all well organised with all covid rules), mayby have a couple of drinks and thats it. There's really nothing much we can do."

Anne Kellett said: "Going to close our caravan seeing has you can't travel outside your area."

And Lisa Sutcliffe added: "Going out to the bar Crafted on North Parade. Vegan food and cocktails with my youngest son."

Some people have also, tongue in cheek, have said they are preparing for some sort of apocalypse.

Daniel Rose said he is "stockpiling toilet rolls" as "the end is nye".

Daniel Stephenson said: "Reading my books on how to live off the land and survive in the the outdoors, they are talents we'll all need when the economy and society collapses.

"I don't think some of the people who want tighter lockdowns realise that food doesn't grow in Aldi when everyone is out of work and out of business."

On a lighter note, Rebecca Robertson said she is getting in the festive spirit very early.

She said: "Putting my tree and decorations up." Each to their own!