THE Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe's brother has cast doubts over reports the killer has been hospitalised after suffering chest pains.

Notorious serial killer Sutcliffe was reportedly taken into Accident and Emergency on Wednesday with chest pains, where he was reportedly handcuffed to the bed while treatment was administered, national newspapers have said.

However, Sutcliffe's brother Mick has said he was "fine when I spoke to him on Monday" and he has not received any calls about his brother's condition.

Mick Sutcliffe said he had not been told anything about his brother being in hospital, and that "apart from having diabetes for 20 years and being blind as a bat he is fine".

The only recent medical treatment Mick was aware of was Sutcliffe having his colostomy bag changed.

Sutcliffe, 74, from Bingley, is currently an inmate at HMP Frankland in Durham, and was reportedly taken to the nearby hospital in the city for treatment.

He is serving a whole life order after being convicted in 1981 of murdering 13 women across West Yorkshire and Manchester.

It has also been reported that Sutcliffe is concerned he has had Covid-19, but Mick said his brother, who he speaks to every week, "has never mentioned being worried about Covid", and that the prison in Durham is keeping prisoners apart to stop the virus from potentially spreading.

"If he doesn't ring me on Monday like he does every week, then I'll know something has happened," Mick added.