BRADFORD and the whole of West Yorkshire will go into Tier 3 restrictions from one minute past midnight on Monday.

Our breaking story last night on the announcement triggered more than 400 comments on our Facebook page.

Here are a few of your views after last night’s announcement and a selection of tweets:

Janet Escott: “Doesn’t matter what tier we are in we are stuck with it it will never go away. We need to learn to live with it. and there's no need for panic buying the shops and supermarkets aren’t closing there staying open. might panic buy a few pints at the pub before it closes though.”

Sheila Bee: “Doesn't really make much difference now does it. They didn't bother doing it when it was most important, what's point now. Only thing different now is more people have had enough & won't stick to it.”

Kevin Moore: “They didn’t have a choice and it is the right thing to do. I was actually impressed with Susan Hinchcliffe and her interview she was very emotional and you could see Bradford means a lot to her. Hopefully we will come out better the other side and above all safe and well.”

Chris Finnegan: “Let's just lockdown forever and hide behind our sofas shall we!!! There has to be a strategy to learn to live with the virus if it's not going away anytime soon otherwise the economy will be in ruins and many fall into severe financial hardship and depression as a consequence of losing their jobs.”

Fiona Taylor: “People have to learn to live with it. It's not going anywhere and all that happens when you lockdown(if rules are followed) is that it delays it for a short while. We simply can't go on like this indefinitely for the economy, jobs and for health.

Jonathan Dixon: “Doesn't go far enough. Cases are going through the roof EVERYWHERE not just in West Yorkshire!”

Debbie Wharton: “It's not really any different apart from businesses having to close. Probably needs to be tougher if it's spreading as fast as they're claiming.”

Treacy Armstrong: “I don’t think tier 3 is enough. People will continue to ignore the rules. Tier 2 didn’t have any effect & tier 3 won’t. We need a full lockdown again. I know it’s not good for businesses but people are dying & people are seriously ill. People’s health is more important.”