SHIPLEY MP Philip Davies has condemned the decision to move Bradford in Tier 3 lockdown with scathing comments against local leaders and his own Government.

The Conservative backbencher said the "arbitrary" restrictions will "collapse the local economy" and "ruin people's lives".

It has been announced West Yorkshire will move into Tier 3 'Very High' local Covid alert level from Monday, which will see some pubs forced to close and further restrictions imposed on people's lives. 

It comes after local leaders struck a deal with the Government after days of meetings.

Reacting to the agreement, Mr Davies said: "I have just made it clear to ministers and Public Health England that I'm completely opposed to this decision.

"I have no faith in the people making these decisions and I don't think my constituents have any faith in them either.

"These are completely arbitrary restrictions that will make absolutely no difference at all. All they will do is further collapse the economy, put people out of work, and down the line lead to house repossessions.

"This is to control a virus with a mortality rate of 0.7 per cent, it does not justify collapsing the economy at all.

"The strategy being pursued is flawed and how many people are we putting out of work for this flawed strategy? We are sacrificing people's jobs and livelihoods willy-nilly."

Mr Davies could not recall the exact figure agreed in the deal between local leaders and the government but said it will not stop the damage being done to businesses in the area.

He added: "You don't mitigate collapsing businesses by throwing million the government does not have into council coffers.

"It's an outrage and I'm sad people will be put out of work because of decisions between people in Whitehall and people in City Hall.

"The people whose lives they are running get no say at all."