BRADFORD East MP Imran Hussain said the financial offer for West Yorkshire as it moves into Tier 3 "badly fails to recognise" the damage the restrictions will cause. 

Earlier this week, the Labour MP said West Yorkshire would need £75 million as a "starting point" and: "Anything less would be an insult to the people of the North."

West Yorkshire's council leaders said they had secured a package of £59.3m, broken down as follows:

  • A one-off additional amount of £20 per head: for West Yorkshire this is estimated to be worth £46.6m in additional funding.   
  • A total of £8 per head to support enhanced test and trace and contain measures, resulting in an additional £12.7m. 

Mr Hussain said: “As I said last week in Parliament and again just this morning, it has been clear throughout that this has been a box-ticking exercise which has been devoid of any meaningful negotiation with Council leaders, MPs or other local representatives, and that the Government have decided to force these measures upon us regardless.

“The financial support that they have offered us is well below what I called for as an absolute minimum and well below what has been provided to other Tier 3 regions per person, and it badly fails to recognise the immense damage that these restrictions will do to our jobs, our businesses and our communities which are amongst some of the country’s poorest and most vulnerable.

“We all want to see the infection rate fall and the spread of this virus to be curtailed, but the rise in cases is the failing of a Government which proved itself unable to deliver the “world-beating” testing system promised in May whilst spending millions on private consultants.

"It’s clear that if we are to get the funding we need from this Government, we shouldn’t present a balanced, thought out case, but we should instead just rename the region to Serco.”