SIR - With so many different restrictions in force and changes made almost daily it will be of no surprise that people have lost all faith in our government.

More concerning is that people are falling foul of these restrictions and the law on a regular basis.

By September 22 a total of 18,646 fines had been issued nationally. Currently more than 50per cent remain unpaid.

Fast forward to the week beginning October 19. We have the senior police officer leading the police’s response to Covid, telling MPs the police have no idea about the restrictions and as they vary by geographical area, they are in essence unenforceable.

Similarly the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, when interviewed on Sky news, had no idea about the restrictions. The Minister for Policing, next day on the same show, had no idea about the requirements for business meetings or any of the restrictions for gyms in Greater Manchester.

It's easy to mock the ridiculous situation, but livelihoods, families and homes are at stake. We cannot have one rule for some and one for the rest. It is unforgivable that law-makers and law enforcers have no idea about what they're doing and what they're imposing on the public.

Stephen Place, Alliance for Democracy and Freedom Party spokesman for Law & Order, Victoria Road, Saltaire