THE Great British Bake Off continued with Japanese Week for the seven remaining bakers.

The bakers had to tackle steamed buns, Matcha Cake and Kawaii (Japanese for cute) cake showstopper for their three challenges.

Here is Sandy Docherty’s verdict of week six’s episode, as she continues her weekly Telegraph & Argus column which will be online each Wednesday morning while the series is on.

Sandy took part in the 2015 series and is the child protection and welfare officer at Titus Salt School in Baildon.

On Japanese Week, Sandy Says:

“It turned out to be a better week than I thought it would really. It was quite a riveting watch actually.

“I got that feeling of jumping up and having a go at something. That’s the essence of Bake Off; ‘I want to go and try that’. I like it.”

On the Bakers:

“I thought nobody was bad. All of them came up with something. They turned out the right amount and enough fillings in place.

“Paul and Prue are going to have to be splitting hairs.”


On the 100th Bake Off:

“Happy 100th episode Paul Hollywood. He has been there for all of them.

“He is up for the fun a bit more now. Noel and Matt are doing alright. I don’t think Noel and Matt bounce off each other as much. I like them both.

“Noel needs to stop saying how much he doesn’t like food. Mel and Sue used to lick the bowls.”

On The Signature – Steamed buns:

“I liked them. They made things like chicken. They all did well.”

On the Technical – Crepe:

“There was plenty of instructions in there. Prue gives quite good in-depth instructions.

“Peter follows them to the letter. That’s what you do with the technical. You just follow what it says. I made a big mistake with following the instructions for the technical when I was on the show.

On the Showstopper – Kawaii Cake:

“I thought the dog cakes that Marc and Dave did were great and had attention to detail.

“Lottie’s mushroom design was comical and fabulous.

“They were really good cakes. I have Matcha at home and thought ‘I wanted to try things at home’”.


On the Star Baker:

“Lottie came up with the goods, which got her Star Baker this time.

“She was nearly going home last week, that’s the rollercoaster that is Bake Off.

On the Baker that went:

“Sadly, we lost smiley Mark L. He is such a ray of sunshine in the tent. He is polite.

“He really enjoys everything he bakes. It was sad to see him go.

“There was a few in the running to go, Laura scraped through. They had to pin it down and split hairs.

“He needs to hold his head up high, as he has done really, really well.

“Laura was in tears., as sometimes you just know it’s going to be you who goes.“

Quotes of the Week:

Presenter’s: From Matt Lucas: “Paul has just gone for a crepe.”

Bakers’: From Peter: “Dough, set and matcha.”

On next week:

“80s week next. I have gone through what it could be that the bakers will be doing. I’m not quite sure what was 80s. This is a new one.

“We’re going to see a whole lot of new challenges.”