SIR - The dispute about free school meals is complex, highly emotional and there are many related issues that could be raised.

It is also just one example of a social issue where those who take the left wing view, ie agree with free school meals, assume they are morally superior to those who don't.

This is also true on a range of issues like gay marriage, race, veganism and now the lockdowns. People who dare to even question or express concerns about conventional thinking on these matters, no matter how logical, risk being subject to buckets of self righteous slime being poured over them. And sometimes worse than this.

And while supporters of the woke movement often stifle and suffocate any civilised debate on these issues, they also deliberately mistake a widespread dislike of PC gone mad for bigotry in its various forms, when usually the opposite is true.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon