ONE further coronavirus-related death has been recorded at a Bradford hospital, according to the latest data.

NHS England updates the figures at 2pm each day and include confirmed death cases reported at 4pm the previous day.

The patient, who tested positive for coronavirus, sadly died on Monday, October 26.

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What did the data show for the Yorkshire & North East region?

The data showed that a total of 44 deaths were recorded across the Yorkshire and North East, dating back to October 4.

Nine other deaths in the region were also recorded on October 26.

Total deaths in Bradford district

Coronavirus-related deaths at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust now stands at 291.

Two deaths have occured at Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust.

While Airedale NHS Foundation Trust has recorded the deaths of 121 patients.

Data for the whole of England

A total of 207 deaths have been recorded in England's hospitals between today and September 24, the NHS said.

Of those, 29 took place yesterday (October 26).