Here's who has been jailed this week at Bradford Crown Court

  • A CRUEL and depraved Bradford man was jailed for three years for having sexual intercourse with chickens and possessing indecent images of children.

    Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Rehan Baig, 37, hoarded sick home movies of his violation of the birds that all died from his perverted and despicable acts.

His wife, Haleema Baig, 38, who joined in with the depravity at the family home in Shepherd Street, Great Horton, and filmed some of it on her mobile phone, was spared an immediate jail sentence.

The court heard that the indecent images of children as young as six, and the depraved home movies, came to light when the National Crime Agency raided the couple’s home on July 9 last year.

Computers and a phone were seized and images found that Judge Richard Mansell QC said would make right-thinking people “sick to the stomach.”

Rehan Baig was filmed on a GoPro camera, and by his wife, having sex with a number of chickens on different occasions. One of the birds was dead at the time and he was caught on camera putting another carcase into a bin bag.

Prosecutor Abigail Langford said the home movies were made in the cellar or basement at the couple’s home.

Other depraved footage showed the couple sexually abusing a dog.

Police found a covert camera in the bedroom which Haleema Baig seemed unaware of, the court was told.

The senior care assistant, and mother of four children, claimed to be the victim of her husband’s controlling and coercive behaviour.

But Miss Langford said it was the Crown’s case that she was a willing participant.

The court heard that the sexual abuse killed the chickens. It was believed they had been family pets but there were none at the address when the police searched it.

“The defendant caused the death of the chickens on each occasion,” Miss Langford said.

Rehan Baig admitted three counts of intentionally performing an act of penetration on live chickens.

He also admitted possessing extreme pornographic images; three charges of making indecent photographs of children; and possessing cocaine and cannabis resin. 

His wife pleaded guilty to three aiding and abetting counts, namely filming her husband having sexual intercourse with a chicken. 

Simon Hustler, for Rehan Baig, said the offences had attracted national and international publicity, including making news in Pakistan, Spain and Germany.

“They have attracted derision, loathing and ridicule,” he said.

Baig had been unable to leave his home and even had to send out for cigarettes.

“It’s a lengthy sentence he must serve, if not a life sentence in many respects,” Mr Hustler said.

The films seized by the police had been made several years ago.

John Bottomley, for Haleema Baig, said she, like her husband, was of previous good character.

She had four children and had worked long hours in the care industry.

She had left her husband because she alleged he was abusive to her, and she was now living in a refuge.

“The punishment is the shame and humiliation for the rest of her life,” Mr Bottomley said.

Sentencing her to six months’ imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with a rehabilitation activity requirement, Judge Mansell said there may have been an element of manipulation and coercion by her husband.

He told Rehan Baig he was guilty of “unspeakable cruelty to the animals he abused for his own sexual gratification.”

“The pain and suffering was horrific that you inflicted on these chickens,” the judge said.

Baig had also committed “depraved, perverted and despicable acts” by hoarding images of young children being sexually abused.

“They are the victims of human trafficking and exploitation,” he said.

The “home movies” of Baig having sex with the chickens were “simply beyond comprehension,” Judge Mansell said.

  • THREE men were jailed for a total of almost 24 years for a horrific machete attack on a lone driver in broad daylight.

    Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

    From left, Basharat, Khan and Ali

    The victim was struck with two of the weapons after his car was rammed in Allerton Road, Bradford, on September 11 last year in what Judge Richard Mansell QC described as “an appalling example of premeditated gang violence.”

Rizwan Basharat, the driver who deliberately ran into the man’s car to disable it and then joined in the attack, was jailed for nine years.

Kamran Khan, who smashed the vehicle windows with a machete and aimed blows at the victim with it, was locked up for eight years.

Akash Ali, who the Crown accepted did not wield a machete but who took part in the joint enterprise, was jailed for six years and nine months.

Basharat, 27, of no fixed address; Khan, 23, of Aberford Road, Girlington, Bradford; and Ali, 24, of Whitehead Grove, Fagley, Bradford, were all sentenced for unlawfully and maliciously wounding their victim with intent to do him grievous bodily harm.

The court heard that a fourth man, known as KK, also took part in the attack but had not been apprehended.

Prosecutor Katherine Robinson said Basharat was not before the court for the hearing because he was isolating at HMP Leeds due to Covid-19 issues. But he had told his lawyers he still wanted to be sentenced.

Khan and Ali were sentenced on a video link to the prison.

Miss Robinson said that Ali had pleaded guilty to the offence. The remaining two defendants were convicted after a trial.

She said they were all being dealt with for their parts in a joint enterprise.

Judge Mansell said the motive for the attack was known only to the defendants and the victim, who had been reluctant to come to court to give evidence.

The man had been driving down Allerton Road in broad daylight when he encountered Basharat and his three passengers.

Basharat crossed the road at speed in his vehicle and smashed into the victim’s car, effectively disabling it.

The three defendants and KK had jumped out to attack the man and smash up his car.

Members of the public had filmed the incident on their phones, the court was told.

The victim suffered lacerations to his arms when he held them up to defend himself.

He was taken to a nearby shop afterwards with blood pouring from his wounds.

Basharat was on licence at the time having served a jail sentence for drugs trafficking.

His barrister, Jeremy Barton, said he was not initially armed. Then he did wield a machete but not to the extent that some of the others did.

Ian Hudson, for Khan, said he had no previous convictions. He was only 22 at the time and he had spent more than a year on remand in prison.

Alasdair Campbell, Ali’s barrister, said he did not have a machete but accepted it was a joint enterprise attack, knowing that others were armed.

The victim suffered four lacerations but no permanent damage was caused in an incident that lasted just seconds.

“It was a short brutal attack and not sustained or repeated,” Mr Campbell said.

  • A MAN was jailed for three years for twice stealing a VW Golf from “under the driver’s nose” and then speeding dangerously around Bradford in it.

    Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

    Imaar Rashid repeated the same method for stealing the vehicles, cadging a lift and then jumping into the driver’s seat and accelerating off.

Rashid, 25, of Brantwood Grove, Heaton, Bradford, pleaded guilty on a video link to HMP Leeds to two sets of similar offences, the second matters committed while he was on bail.

Prosecutor Nick Adlington said Rashid was already a banned driver with convictions for theft of a car and dangerous driving dating from January 2018 when he struck again.

At 5pm on August 26 last year, he flagged down an acquaintance in Heights Lane, Bradford, and asked for a lift.

He became aggressive when asked to leave the VW Golf outside the driver’s home. When the man went to call the police, he drove off in it, Mr Adlington said.

Eight days later, on September 4, Rashid was spotted at the wheel of the stolen Golf on Lynfield Drive in the city. It was on cloned plates and he sped off when he saw the officers.

The car was seen again in the Girlington area and a blue light chase ensued along Agar Street, Hoxton Street, Washington Street and Duckworth Lane.

Rashid drove on the wrong side of the road and collided with an oncoming car.

When he mounted the pavement and a tyre burst, he abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot.

He handed himself in at the police station on October 10 last year but was not charged until July.

Rashid was told to appear before Bradford and Keighley Magistrates on September 18 but by then he had committed the second set of offences.

On September 13, he was given a lift by another VW Golf driver to the offices of Girlington Taxis.

Mr Adlington said Rashid was swigging from a bottle of vodka at 4am before jumping into the driver’s seat. The ignition key snapped in the struggle and he sped off up Thornton Road.

The police were alerted and pursued him along Chellow Grange Road.

Rashid reached speeds of up to 80mph in a 30 zone and jumped red lights before leaving the damaged car on Bronte Close.

He was apprehended by the police hiding in bushes and said: “You’ve got me.”

He tested positive for cannabis and cocaine but refused to provide a blood sample.

Rashid pleaded guilty to two offences of theft of a motor vehicle, two offences of dangerous driving, failing to provide a specimen of blood and driving uninsured and without a licence.

He had 14 previous convictions for 17 offences, including the theft of a car and dangerous driving for which he received a 14 month jail sentence.

Ed Moss said in mitigation that they were opportunist offences “committed on a whim.”

Rashid was thoroughly ashamed and determined to lead a hardworking and law abiding life when he was freed from prison.

Judge Richard Mansell QC jailed him for a total of three years and banned him from driving for three and a half years.

“Twice you stole a car from under the nose of someone who was doing you a favour,” he said.

The first dangerous driving offence was after a school day when the streets were busy with pedestrians. During the second offence, Rashid was clearly unfit to drive at all, having drunk vodka and taken drugs.

Judge Mansell said the VW Golfs would be worth £5,000 to £10,000 each and both were damaged in the pursuits causing great inconvenience to their owners.

Although Rashid could not have planned to be given the lifts, he had clearly targeted the cars once he was in them.

  • A BURGLAR said “I haven’t done it” as he passed a stolen television set to his accomplice through a smashed apartment window.

    Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Lee Bolton, a “third striker” with 81 previous convictions for offences of dishonesty, was jailed for two years and eight months for raiding the £100 TV from a flat in Walmer Villas, Manningham, Bradford.

Bolton, 42, who was living in one of the flats at the time, pleaded guilty to burgling a neighbour on June 15.

The court was told that a resident heard glass smashing at around 6pm and saw a woman dressed in black pacing up and down outside the building.

The witness then saw Bolton standing in the window holding the television set.

He called out “I haven’t done it” as he handed it to his female accomplice.

Bolton then climbed out through the broken pane and the couple made off towards Manningham Lane.

Police forced entry to Bolton’s home and found evidence of drug use, the court was told.

He was arrested and made no comment when questioned.

He had 42 previous convictions for 141 offences, of which 81 were for theft and similar matters.

Bolton was sentenced for housebreaking in 2003 and the following year he was imprisoned for five years for several similar offences.

His barrister, Mark Mckone, conceded that he was a “third-striker” but drew attention to the big gap in his offending behaviour.

Mr Mckone said Bolton wanted money for food and not drugs when he committed the burglary.

He thought the victim of the break-in had moved out of the flat.

Judge Richard Mansell QC said Bolton had “a lengthy and unenviable” criminal record.

He jailed him for the three-year minimum term, giving him credit for his guilty plea.

  • A MAN was jailed for two years for having sex with an underage girl.

    Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Jake Smith, 24, of Lingcrag Gardens, Cowling, near Keighley, pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child and sexual communication with a child.

Prosecutor Gillian Batts said the offences came to light when the police interrogated his phone. The teenage victim had not co-operated with the investigation.

Smith’s barrister, Robin Frieze, referred to a report by the probation service and a letter to the court from Smith’s employer.

He said Smith was emotionally immature but he recognised that his behaviour was misguided and unlawful.

Judge Richard Mansell QC said only an immediate prison sentence was appropriate in the case to deter others from similar offending against children.

Smith was ordered to sign on the sex offender register for ten years.