AS the esteemed Community Stars Awards enters its tenth year, the Telegraph & Argus will be highlighting all the ways Bradfordians can nominate their unsung heroes.

In the first of nine articles, the paper will dedicate a page to each category, giving Bradfordians the chance to shine a light on those who above and beyond to help the district.

Do you know of an organisation, a community group or a person that lives by and celebrates these values - making Bradford a more united, safe and happy place?

Sponsored by Bradford For Everyone, the Shared Values in Action Award is all about recognising the people, initiatives and actions that help to ensure Bradford district is a place where everyone feels that they belong, are understood, feel safe and able to fully participate in the opportunities on our doorstep.

A spokesperson for Bradford For Everyone said: “We believe that our district is full of amazing people, places and potential.

“Whether you were born, bred or newly arrived, we believe that we are more enriched and stronger when we’re connected; when each of us feel we are understood, belong, safe and can reach our full potential.

“This award celebrates the amazing things people do which highlights our shared values of humanity being at the core of making Bradford District a better place to be - a place that binds us in our commonality and unites our diverse communities.”

Bradford For Everyone has listed different criteria it is looking for:

l RESPECT: Is the person doing something which advocates fairness, equality and justice for others? Is it accepting and involving people from different backgrounds, abilities and wealth?

l CARING: Welcoming a new neighbour, hosting community get togethers, helping someone new to navigate services to get the help and support they need, making time and effort to talk to, listen to and look out for each other.

l SHARING: Empowering and enabling others to get involved in activities that improve a local area or even someone’s life, using a position of power or profession to challenge things when they are wrong such as conscious or unconscious bias which may lead to discrimination or sharing wisdom or experiences to motivate and encourage.

l PROTECTING: Being brave and bold by doing whatever it takes, no matter how difficult because it is the right thing to do like reporting abuse, mistreatment or a crime.

To nominate someone for the Shared Values In Action Award, enter words in the Community Stars form here.