NEARLY 90 per cent of schools in the Bradford district have reported Covid-19 cases since the start of term, Bradford Council has said. 

As of today (October 23) there were 187 of 214 schools with one or more cases since the start of term. That equates to just over 87 per cent. 

A Bradford Council spokesperson said 153 schools have had bubble or year group closures, which equates to 71 per cent.

Meanwhile, 7.7 per cent of the whole school population were remote learning.

Remote learning includes all children who are isolating but may not have or ever develop Covid-19.

All schools are now closed for half term and both primary and secondary schools across the district have been reporting cases since the start of the September term.

There are more than 100,000 pupils attending school settings and more than 10,000 staff working in 214 schools across the Bradford district, the Council said.