A QUEENSBURY business' promise to provide food parcels for children on free school meals during the school holidays has been backed by Marcus Rashford.

As part of his #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY campaign, the England and Manchester United striker has been championing businesses and restaurants who have pledged to provide free school meals to underprivileged children during the school holidays.

Businesses stepping in comes after the Conservatives voted down a Labour motion for the Government to fund free school meals during school holidays on Wednesday, which drew widespread criticism, from Rashford himself and other notable figures including Brexit Party founder Nigel Farage.

Rashford shared a post by Mobeen Hussain, who runs GDPR Tuition, based in High Street, Queensbury, who will be providing food parcels as well as free tuition for children in English Maths and Science.

Mr Hussain said: "I am a Queensbury resident and also a business owner on the High Street, and I just wanted to put this out.

"We are fast approaching the half term holidays for young people from schools, as you are all aware some parents and children will go without a lunch due to the fact that they rely on school dinners. It breaks my heart it really does!

"Also during this unprecedented tough time it is hard for some families to ‘make ends meet’ as either they have lost their jobs or are just about managing.

"I truly believe it is down to us as a community to help show support to these individuals, we are all humans let’s stand strong together.

"Therefore just to put it out there during next week GDPR Tuition will be open seven days for anyone who wants a food parcel to get them through this tough patch or even help and support in finding a job, creating a CV or even a chat.

"We will be handing out food parcels from 10am to 4pm, this will be done anonymously therefore we will not disclose anyone’s identity. We will be handing the parcels out on a request by private message or even delivering to those who may be most vulnerable. This will be solely funded through GDPR tuition.

"If you know anyone who could do with a food parcel please message me.

"We will also be opening to free tuition sessions for young people who may need help with Maths, English, science or even 11+.

"The sessions will be limited to three or four students per class and must be pre-booked, once fully booked we will advise you. Classes will be run from 10am to 3pm daily next week.

"Before anyone gets the wrong idea this is no publicity stunt and nor do we want praising, just putting it out there we want to do our bit during this tough time!"

Many fellow Queensbury residents praised Mr Hussain for his gesture, calling it "amazing" and "awesome", with several also asking if they could donate food for the parcels.

A sandwich shop in Bierley has also said it is joining in the free school meals campaign.

Last night, Marcus Rashford, recently awarded an MBE by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his free school meals campaign over the summer, tweeted: "Blown away by news of local businesses stepping up to fill the voucher scheme deficit during the October half term.

"Selflessness, kindness, togetherness, this is the England I know."