SIR - I refer to the article (T&A, October 19) headed 'Criticism of road plan'.

This refers to the proposal to improve Tong Street between Westgate Hill and the East of the City.

The article states that 'the Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority are still pushing forward with the plans which has raised the ire of the Green Party'.

These proposals have been on the drawing board for well over 25 years and traffic flow gets worse; the problem has always been finance. As a manager of a group of one of the major utilities in the initial stages, we spent hours on surveys and producing budget costs for the necessary diversions; those costs will have escalated as will traffic pollution and traffic hold up.

The Green Party councillor from Shipley states 'It is clear that this road is not needed'.

What is his level of thinking? Does he use the road to get into and out of Bradford at peak times? I doubt it!

D Ratcliffe, Redburn Road, Shipley