SIR - The nightly posting of area by area gloom on your website leaves me baffled. Often, adjacent areas can have wildly differing numbers. Take Saturday’s (October 17) with Bierley and Tong in excess of 50 and Holme Wood almost single figures. If you are going to insist on publishing this space filler then it would be far better to include the numbers tested per area too, assuming that data is available?

Regarding the clear threat to those of us who enjoy a pint. The consistent “table toppers” are largely areas where pubs are far from a feature of social interaction these days. Whilst not wishing to deny the clear threat to us all, it strikes me that pub closures would have only a limited effect in Bradford.

Our city centre nightlife is so inconsequential compared to the heady times of yesteryear that we do not have the issues other cities have.

Steve Wilson, Lenton Villas, Idle