A PCSO working on the frontline in Bradford has urged people to treat his role with respect after he was “stabbed a couple of times with scissors” on duty.

PCSO Rob Rushforth, who works on the Bradford West NPT, was injured during a call-out on Thursday which “didn’t go as expected”.

The officer received stitches for his injuries and reassured Twitter followers that he was in good health.

Whilst expressing his gratitude, the officer called on the public to fully recognise those in the PCSO role and that they put their “life at risk to protect yours”.

PCSO Rushforth is among a rising number of police officers in West Yorkshire to raise awareness of the abuse they face on duty.

Earlier this year, PC Sarah Barberini told how she was assaulted and spat at by someone with Hepatitis C.

PC Barberini, who has worked at West Yorkshire Police for over a decade, said: "I don't come to work to be assaulted.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

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Writing on social media, PCSO Rushforth said: “Yesterday, whilst on duty, I got into a situation which didn’t go as expected and resulted in me getting, I don’t want to say stabbed as it’s sounds over dramatic but effectively, I was stabbed a couple of times with some scissors. I’m absolutely fine though.

“I’ve had a few stitches in both injuries but I really am okay. I’m just grateful of two things. Firstly that it was me and not anyone else that got injured and secondly that it wasn’t any worse. Could’ve easily been my face or eyes that got damaged.

“Situations like this aren’t too common for PCSO’s but I just wanted people to know that we do get in some scrapes. I get quite annoyed when I hear people say ‘You’re just a PCSO’. I may just be a PCSO but I’ll still potentially put my own life at risk to protect yours.”

T&A readers rallied round the officer on social media.

Writing on the T&A Facebook page, Mathew Bailey wrote: "The PCSO is one of my friends. He is literally one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet and I can guarantee he would have done everything to talk the guy down and avoid physical confrontation. Unfortunately, some people can’t see what potential damage their actions can cause.

"Rob is a real credit to his family, friends and his work colleagues."

Another reader, Julie Morley, said: "This man is a hero, along with so many others in difficult times. Todays society is a scary place! People like this officer make it a little better. Thank you brave young man!"