THE Seven Year Itch has been halved in Bradford, with women most likely to cheat on their husbands three and a half years after getting married.

The survey, by Illicit Encounters, found men cheat on average after three years ten months.

Men and women have different reasons for being unfaithful, the survey found, with women’s reasons being more emotional and men’s more physical.

The top reasons Bradford women cheat are:

  • boredom
  • growing apart in lockdown
  • reconnecting with an old flame on social media
  • changing since their wedding day
  • being drunk.

For men, it’s because:

  • they want more sex
  • they are bored in their marriage
  • feel they are too young to commit to one person
  • meeting someone on a night out
  • seeing a friend cheat and feeling like they're missing out.

The survey also found women on average cheat more often than men, three times during their first year as an Illicit Encounters member, compared with 2.5 times for men. The website added it's seen a 25 per cent increase in people signing up since lockdown began.

Jessica Leoni, from Illicit Encounters, said: The Seven Year Itch has been halved in Bradford with relationships first hitting a rocky patch far earlier than in previous years.

“This trend has been going on for several years and it has been accelerated by Covid.

“Life’s too short to be stuck in a dull relationship where there is a little conversation and the sex is the same every time.

“People are sticking with their partners because they cannot afford to move but then getting fresh excitement by having discreet affairs.

“We expect the time when people first cheat to come down even faster over the next few years as unhappy partners increasingly live for the moment without thinking about the consequences.”