PLANS to build a shop and flats on an "eyesore" site have been approved by Bradford Council.

Before its demolition, 284 Cemetery Road was a derelict and badly fly posted single storey building. Although plans to clear the site and replace it with shops and flats had been approved as far back as 2015 - only the demolition work ever took place.

This Summer an updated application to develop a 75 square metre shop or office with three, two-bed flats above it was submitted to Bradford Council by Amar Hussain.

Shops, office and flats plan for Manningham Lane site

Approving the scheme this week, planning officers said: "At the time of the first approval, the site was a complete eyesore. In the time since that approval the poor quality building on the site was demolished but the site was still left vacant until very recently when some construction work began.

"The proposed development is considered to be of a sufficiently high quality design which would significantly improve the appearance of this site and the surrounding area."

Some people had objected to the plans, claiming visitors to the shop or residents of the flats would park on nearby double yellow lines.

Officers replied to these concerns saying: "The application must be considered with the expectation that the yellow lines will be respected."

One condition of the application is that the ground floor shop can only open between 8am and 10pm.