BRADFORD Academy is the latest school in the district to report a positive case of coronavirus.

In a letter sent to parents yesterday, the school confirmed that a year 11 pupil had contracted the virus.

As a result, a year 11 'bubble' has been "partially closed" for 14 days.

The letter reads: "We have been advised by Public Health England that there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the school.

"We know that you may find this concerning but we are continuing to monitor the situation and are working closely with Public Health England. This letter is to inform you of the current situation and provide advice on how to support your child. Please be reassured that for most people, COVID-19 will be a mild illness.

"The student is in year 11 and therefore we will be partially closing the year 11 bubble for 14 days in order for all learners that have been identified via our track and trace that have been in contact with the learner to self-isolate.

"Students should self-isolate until 23 October 2020. Year 11 students affected by this should return to the academy on 9 November 2020 due to the overlap with the October half-term.

"The school remains open to all other year groups and children should continue to attend if they remain well. Any siblings of students in year 11 should also continue to attend.

"Learners have been provided with details on how to access work from home during their period of self-isolation.  This includes communication with teachers."