THREE Bradford women have shared their frustrating and in one case “humiliating” experiences when going for Coronavirus testing in the city.

From being asked to take a test in the pouring rain to waiting days and even weeks for results, the women’s experiences have left them disillusioned with the testing process.

Dr Judy Wall, of Allerton, visited the testing site at Richard Dunn sports centre in September, only to find the NHS Test and Trace staff hadn’t turned up, with Council staff scrambled to the site with home testing kits.

More than a month later, she and her husband have still not received their results and she has given up hope of ever getting them.

Dr Wall said: “It seems clear that our samples have been lost.

“I am wondering if all the samples done that day at Richard Dunn were lost.

“Our phone numbers and names were just written down on a piece of paper. We weren’t given instruction booklets or anything like that.

“If it was just me I’d say maybe it’s been lost, but its affected us both which makes me wonder has everyone else also not got their results.

“I suspect the tests just turned up with a list of names and no-one knew what to do. I’ve given up hope of getting the results now, and I’ve not done a second test so I don’t know if it was just a bug or if it was Covid.”

A spokesman for Bradford Council said: “On September 14, the NHS Test and Trace service cancelled the mobile testing unit due to be stationed at the Richard Dunn site.

“Bradford Council staff were deployed to Richard Dunn to give out home test kits for those booked in to visit the site so they were not left to rebook for a test on another day.

“We’re confident all tests done at the site were collected back by Council staff and delivered to the static testing site at Marley where they are sent to the Government testing labs from this NHS Test and Trace site.”

Mudassar Younis said his partner Aneesah Shaphal, from Girlington, went for a test at the university testing centre after having body pains they thought might have just been from a strenuous workout.

After five days her symptoms had worsened and they had had no results, so he said he rang the NHS but to no avail. He booked her another test a week after the first, and two days after that - nine in total - the first test results came back positive.

Mr Younis said: “She lives with her mother and father who is over 70 and grandmother who is over 90, so they have been put at risk.

“She has been going round feeling ok not knowing she was positive, she could have infected half of Bradford.

“The system is a shambles, it took ten days to get results after chasing them up. If we hadn’t called we probably still wouldn’t have them.”

Michelle Khan, from Canterbury, said she felt “humiliated” by her test at Richard Dunn.

She said: “They wanted me to do the test stood in the pouring rain, in the end it was done under a gazebo.

“I asked for privacy but was told I had to do it in the open, it was a nightmare.

“It just didn’t feel right, it was horrible and humiliating, I’m never going back there.”

A Department for Health & Social Care spokesperson it doesn’t comment on individual cases.

She said: “NHS Test and Trace is processing tests at an unprecedented rate of 265,000 a day on average over the last week – with the majority of the public who undertake an in-person test receiving their results the following day.

“All staff working at NHS Test and Trace complete health and safety training before starting to work on site and the vast majority of people receiving a test report no issue with the process.”