MOST of us dream about winning big on the lottery and scooping enough money to retire.

For some Bradford residents, this dream became a reality after winning thousands on the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Players from one Bradford postcode truly hit the jackpot when they won a share of £3 million.

Here is everything you need to know about the People’s Postcode Lottery- including which Bradford postcodes scooped the biggest wins.

What is the People’s Postcode Lottery?

People's Postcode Lottery is not like the ordinary lottery.

It is a subscription-based lottery where people sign up with their postcodes for £10 a month.

If a winning postcode is drawn, every subscriber in that postcode wins a cash prize.

Players are automatically entered into ever draw and prizes are announced every day of the month- sometimes they are as little as £10, other times you could win thousands.

Every Saturday and Sunday, winning postcodes are announced where players each win £30,000.

Once a month, players in one postcode will share an incredible £3 million between them.

Best of all, 32% of the ticket price goes to various charities.

The biggest People’s Postcode Lottery winners since 2015

There have been six winning Bradford postcodes in the last five years.

These postcodes have scooped the £30,000 prize, £50,000 or the highest £3 million prize.

£3 million winners

BD7 4

In 2018, there were a total of 273 players in this winning section of Bradford who each won a minimum of £6,133.

However, the biggest winners were announced when the full postcode (BD7 4AG) was revealed.

Four residents on Great Horton Road won a life-changing £280,724 each.

£50,000 winner

BD22 6BY

Earlier this year, one Thorncliffe Road winner scooped an incredible £50,000 after his postcode was drawn this year.

The good news was broken to him over video chat.

Painter and decorator, Gary Smith, said: “What else could happen today that would be better than this? Nothing!

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Gary when he was shown the cheque over video call (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)Gary when he was shown the cheque over video call (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)

It will be enjoyable to have a nice holiday when [the coronavirus pandemic] is all over.

“I love The States. I want to go to Las Vegas and California. I'll end up at a big rock'n'roll event in Vegas they have every year… A week of rock'n'roll in Vegas!”

£30,000 winners

BD16 1QJ

In 2017, six Bingley neighbours scooped £30,000 each- and one lucky resident won £60,000 as they had two tickets.

Michelle Mellor said she was “delighted” to scoop the £60,000 prize.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Michelle Mellor (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)Michelle Mellor (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)

She said: “I'm absolutely delighted with the win. I have an 11-month-old son and have just left my job to be able to spend more time at home with him, so this is really going to make things easier for us.

“We have two older girls too, and the house is getting a little crowded, so I think we'll use the money to build an extension so the kids can have a bedroom each."

Amanda King was another winner who wanted to use the money to start a business.

"This means I'll be able to buy a café!" she said. "I ran one before but I've had to look after my dad, who has dementia, and it was a struggle financially.

"This money will mean that I can buy a business and not have to worry about the rent each month."

BD16 4RJ

Bingley residents won big on the Postcode Lottery yet again in 2018.

Nine happy neighbours won £30,000 each after their ‘lucky’ postcode came up.

Rebecka said she would use the money to treat her children.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Rebecka (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)Rebecka (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)

She said, "I've got two kids who are seven and five, and both have additional needs, so this is going to be such a big help to us – it means so much. I would love to take them on a family holiday, and I might treat myself to some shopping too.

"I volunteer for Home-Start and used to work for Barnardo's, so I know what a massive difference the money raised by playing the Postcode Lottery makes to charities too."

BD21 4SB

This was a lucky postcode for Keighley residents back in 2018, where five players won a combined total of £150,000.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Michael from Moss Carr Road (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)Michael from Moss Carr Road (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)

One Moss Carr Road resident said: “I'm in shock - this just doesn't seem real. I signed up to play after seeing an advert on television and thought I'd give it a go but I never thought that I would win this amount!"


At the start of 2019, five Bittern Court neighbours chased away the January blues with their £30,000 cheque.

An accounts manager called Joanne was just one lucky winner.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Joanne (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)Joanne (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)

She said at the time of winning: “I'm completely overwhelmed. I've never won anything before so to win something on this scale is simply unbelievable.

“I'm going to use the money to go to Amsterdam, Budapest and to visit the Christmas markets in Prague at the end of the year – they're places that I've always wanted to visit but have never really been able to go to before.”

For more information, visit the People’s Postcode Lottery website, or their Facebook and Twitter pages.