THERE have been no new Coronavirus deaths recorded in the Bradford district's hospitals today, as 87 people die across England.

No further deaths have been reported by Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust or Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.

This news comes on the day Bradford Teaching Hospitals announced more than 900 people have been discharged or no longer require treatment for Covid at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

The total death toll across the district remains at 382, with 266 deaths at Bradford Teaching Hospitals, 114 at Airedale and two at Bradford District Care Trust.

Across England, 87 new deaths with Covid-19 were annnounced today, of people aged between 30 and 96-years-old. All but six, who were aged between 72 and 86, had known underlying health conditions.

The North West accounted for almost half - 41 - of the deaths, with 20 occurring in Yorkshire and the North East.

The total number of Covid-19 patients who have died in England's hospitals now stands at 30,594.