A BRADFORD MP says he is "deeply dismayed" after claiming that Boris Johnson "ducked" his call for the government to provide greater support for jobs and businesses in areas under local restrictions yesterday.

Imran Hussain, MP for Bradford East, asked the question during the prime minister's coronavirus press conference.

Mr Hussain said that local restrictions in the Bradford district were having a negative impact on businesses and communities, and argued that, without more comprehensive support and action from the government, many jobs will be lost and businesses will be forced to close.

He asked the prime minister for a guarantee from the government that every area will get the support that it needs, and for the discretionary grant scheme previously run by local authorities and funded by the government to be reopened.

In response, the prime minister repeated what funding the government had already provided to local authorities.

After claims that Boris Johnson "rebuffed" his question, Mr Hussain said: “Yesterday I set out very clearly to the prime minister that if he does not set out much more comprehensive support for places like Bradford, where local restrictions are already hurting our local economy, then many more jobs will be lost and businesses will go to the wall.

"I am therefore deeply dismayed that he ducked the question and refused to guarantee that every area will get the support it needs.

“Back in March, the government told us that we are all in this together and that the chancellor will do whatever it takes to support jobs and businesses that have been put at risk by the impact of coronavirus and by the restrictions imposed by the government.

"But, it is sadly clear that this is no longer the case, and the government clearly believe that those in some areas are more deserving of support than others.”