Looking for the most haunted places in Bradford this Halloween?

We already know the city is home to some spooky pubs and hotels- but these aren’t the only places said to be haunted.

Ghostly aparitions and paranormal experiences have been reported all over the region- one could have taken place on a street near you.

We have created an interactive map which shows you exactly where spooky sightings are said to have taken place in Bradford and the areas surrounding the city- simply click on the ghost icon to learn more about the event that took place.

Information sourced from Paranormal Databases and Paul Lee.

The map features haunted locations such as Bradford City Hall. People have heard unexplained noises in this hall and even witnessed items being thrown.

It’s said to be haunted by the ghost of ‘Charlie’- a prisoner thought to have been tortured in the hall in the 19th century.

Also on the map is the historic Bolling Hall- a photo was taken here with what appears to show the face of a ghostly woman.

Another haunted location on the map is a haunted house in Bingley; while shooting a horror movie here, the cast and crew reported some paranormal disturbances.

Have you experienced anything paranormal in Bradford? Tell us about it in the comments below or email sarah.mcgee@newsquest.co.uk.