WE asked recently what restaurants you miss - and T&A readers responded with relish.

Here are some of your old favourite eateries in the district - some long gone, and some still flourishing.

Graeme Barker has fond memories of Mother Hubbard’s - and vividly recalls the day Coronation Street’s Stan and Hilda Ogden came to open the much loved fish and chip restaurant.

Graeme got in touch after reading the T&A’s recent look-back piece on Corrie actors Bernard Youens and Jean Alexander cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of Mother Hubbard’s on Ingleby Road in May, 1972.

The £90,000 restaurant was, reported the T&A, a “state-of-the-art new eatery”, offering “first-class food in first-class surroundings

at value-for-money prices”.

Says Graeme: “Stan and Hilda did a bus tour after the opening, I remember seeing it go past St Bede’s School, near where we lived. I was 10, I was with my mum, who was a massive Coronation Street fan. I’d never seen her so excited! I was more excited by Leeds United winning the FA Cup that day.

“We used to go to Mother Hubbard’s for a treat. My sister and I were fascinated by the big roof - we thought it looked like something out of a fairytale.”

Lesley Taylor recalls the popular Clarks restaurant in Heaton, now sadly gone: “I am a friend of Brian and Geraldine Clarke. I used to work with them at British Wool Marketing Board before the opened their restaurant Clarks in the 90s. Brian was the chef at British Wool and Geraldine the HR manager. We enjoyed many lovely meals at the restaurant and we are still friends to this day, meeting up with them and another couple of friends, Molly and Gillian, who also worked at BW, several times a year to celebrate birthdays and Christmas.”

John Murphy recalls: “Back around 1981 I quit my job in transport whilst looking for something else I got a few hours glass collecting, Friday and Saturday nights, at Kamares, above La Ronde restaurant. The place would quickly get packed and even trying to get glasses collected stress levels could be spiked! I’m amazed how my body swerve improved in avoiding fights - how no-one tumbled down the stairs and through the restaurant window was always a mystery!

“Once Kamares called time I then finished my shift next door in Cavernes - much more civilised! I loved the darkness and the vibe seemed more relaxed. I suppose the punters were by then winding down for home, or a curry. The staff were entitled to a taxi home, however the management would first gather in the restaurant and wind down with much chat. The Cypriot mentality akin to the Irish, laid back and things will happen, ‘eventually’...so it would take ages for taxis to be booked. I quickly decided to bring my bike.”

Sarah Reading: “The Ital and Orlando’s were our family’s favourites, we had some lovely meals at both. Great family run restaurants who knew their regular customers. I remember being treated so well the moment you stepped through the door, I had something different every time. Orlando’s Death by Chocolate was the best!”

Sharon Ward also recalls The Ital: “We went there for all our family birthdays when I was a kid. My parents had their anniversary dinners there too. The owners and waiters used to treat us like family of their own. They had time for everyone.

“I also remember Giuseppe’s Back Yard in Bradford city centre. It was the first ‘grown-up’ restaurant I went to, when I was about 13. We sat upstairs, it was like being in a little Italian village. I have fond memories of that lovely restaurant, hidden down a side street.”

Linden Milner: “I used to go in the Golden Egg opposite the Wool Exchange, and Goldsack’s fish restaurant near Chester Street bus station. I was horribly ill after going in the Wimpy once, though I don’t think it was the fault of the restaurant.”

Michael Dunn: “The restaurant in Kamares did the best beef stroganoff, cooked at your table and only interrupted by the odd scuffle where he had to help out. Brilliant place.”

Former Telegraph & Argus business editor Chris Holland recalls Seabrook fish restaurant, which changed its name in 1969 to Alhambra Fisheries.

Marcia Robinson: “We used to go to La Ronde on Great Horton Road for a coffee after swimming at the Windsor Baths.”

John Gillam recalls The Gable End in Thornbury: “It was the best for many years.”

Karilyn Clayton: “Every Friday night started upstairs, up that sweeping staircase in Kamares, then ended up downstairs in La Ronde for a slap-up meal. The best days of my life.”

Christian Freitag: “Your article brought back memories of several eating places my wife Margret and I loved to go to during our Bradford years in the 70s.

“Browsing through our ‘Bradford boxes’ in the attic, we unearthed some memorabilia that you might find interesting. In our days, the Mamma Mia restaurant was not yet in Piccadilly, but in Manningham Lane, opposite the legendary Bradford Arms pub. Margret and I often went there to enjoy some spaghetti bolognese or a salami pizza, a crispy mixed salad, and a glass (or two) of Lambrusco wine, served slightly chilled. Delizioso! We kept a Mamma Mia table card as a souvenir - please note the original Lambrusco stains from 1979.

“Margret and I taught in the University’s Modern Languages Centre. Around the corner, in Great Horton Road near Bar Tropicana was a Chinese restaurant, called Mayflower which was popular among staff. It offered a quick, no-nonsense service - ideal for lunchtime.

The Chinese owner always sat next to the entrance like a Buddah, not saying a word, just looking around, smoking a pipe. When, after quite some while, he realised we were regular customers, he nodded twice when we came in and when we left. We felt honoured.

“In Guiseley there was a French restaurant called Chez Gerard run by an English couple in a converted ground floor flat - very small, very private. Gerard (or whatever his real name was) cooked nice meals, not exactly gourmet style, but he obviously used large quantities of butter and a lot of double cream when preparing his speciality, ‘Lyonnaise Potatoes’. You needed an extra large digestif afterwards.

“Chez Gerard was very popular, you had to book well in advance.”