A 13-YEAR-OLD boy has urged other teenagers to see Bradford as “a land which offers you great opportunity” after successfully running a business from his bedroom.

Adam Hussain, a student at Beckfoot Upper Heaton School, told how a mix of youthful rebellion, a broken laptop and educational Youtube videos became a successful eBay business.

When Adam was gifted a brand new laptop on his 10th birthday, it sparked an immediate interest in technology.

“I always asked myself one question - how are these made? What kind of parts are in there? How did these components look like? How are they fitted?,” he said.

“My dad couldn’t explain it to me because he isn’t into these kind of technology so he suggested searching on Youtube. I watched dozens of videos on Youtube and was so influenced by them and gained a lot of knowledge about laptops and components.”

After two years, the laptop’s internal system crashed and left it completely unusable.

The young lad, who lives with his parents and three brothers in Manningham, was told by a repair shop that they may have to spend hundreds of pounds to diagnose a fault and fix the laptop.

“I looked at my dad and said, 'No way this is far too expensive, let’s just go home',” Adam said.

“My dad said, 'I’ll get it fixed next month when I receive my wage'. I told my Dad, 'how about if I can fix it myself?' - ‘No way I’m not going to let you touch electrical stuff, it’s too dangerous’.

“I tried every angle to pursue him to say yes but nothing worked. It’s been over a week without a laptop, I could no longer play games, watch Youtube and do school work.

"During this time I was researching on mobile phone what could be the fault with this laptop and learned a lot about types of faults it could be.

“My world changed on the weekend when my parents go to London on a weekend to their friend's house and would return to home on Sunday evening. I just couldn’t wait to open the laptop, I knew where my dad keeps DIY tools, screw drivers etc, I followed the instructions on YouTube video how to unscrew the laptop."

After careful work, the laptop was fixed. Adam then began to fix laptops for his family and friends on a weekend, buying parts from eBay via his Dad’s eBay account and paying him back.

He began to charge for a laptop repair service online at 25 per cent less than what local repair shops charge.

After fixing several broken laptops, Adam found that "the real money was in the parts" - anything from hard drives, motherboards and LCD screen cables to USB cables and screens.

Adam has since become one of eBay's most reputable sellers with over 100 items on his page at any one time.

He runs the business alongside school, answering customer messages during his breaks while making labels and packing orders at night.

Adam said: "I’m so proud to achieve this success, my whole family is proud and very supportive. I never imagined I will reach this level. My ultimate goal is to expand, have over 10,000 items listed, have my own secure storage and most importantly my own eBay and PayPal account [as he uses his Dad's account].

"My message to all of kids of my age is anything is achievable, you just need to be open minded, positive to achieve your goals. We live in a land which offers you great opportunity and full support."