SIR - John Hall (T&A letters, October 7) says that the killing of George Floyd was the final straw, and the response hasn't gone too far.

But if he thought "logically" he would realise that most killings of black Americans are done by other black Americans, which are all equally tragic. And because a white policeman killed Floyd, it got far more attention for political reasons.

As for Britain's Got Talent, Floyd suffered a terrible death. So for Diversity to make a performance of it in a dance routine was poor taste. And using BGT as a political platform is questionable.

It is also difficult for much of the UK public to divide the Black Lives Matter campaign, to treat black people equally which is agreed, and the political movement which is far left and controversial.

The political side of it is just one part of a larger movement that has been growing for decades. Someone with great influence once decided that all the world's problems were caused by western society and white people. This is a lie and it has influenced they way people have been educated and many have bought it.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon