A WOMAN who operated a tanning salon “during the height of lockdown” and was “aggressive” towards Council staff has been fined more than £1,000.

Brogan Hayes, who owns atanning salon, was the first person in Bradford to be prosecuted under the new Coronavirus lockdown legislation.

Hayes admitted the five offences, dated in May and June this year, during the hearing at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

The court was told how in early May, Bradford Council received complaints about the salon was continuing to open for business, allowing customers in to use the tanning beds.

At the time, police advised Hayes to close the salon, but she told officers she had a “medical exemption” for providing medical facilities, and was providing “narrow beam UVB therapy” to people.

However, when police asked if the salon was registered with the British Medical Association and she was medically qualified, Hayes did not provide evidence.

She continued to operate the salon, and on May 15 the salon was visited by Environmental Health officials, who noted it was open and had customers.

While Hayes was not present, a member of staff phoned her, and Hayes was “aggressive and irate” and told the Council staff she would “continue to operate and if they didn’t leave the premises she would come down and remove them”.

The business was issued a prohibition notice on May 19 saying it must shut down, and was revisited on June 15 and the business was found to still be open with customers on the premises.

On this occasion, Hayes was present at the salon and told her customers not to leave and she would continue to open.

A Council representative, prosecuting in court said: “Despite repeated warnings, Ms Hayes remained open, and the Council continued to receive complaints.”

The charges admitted by Hayes were: failing to close business or service not permitted to be open during emergency period; two counts of obstructing a person carrying out a function under the coronavirus regulations in England; and two counts of contravening a direction or fail to comply with instruction or prohibition notice during emergency period.

The charges were all brought under the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020.

Sentencing Hayes in her absence, chair Reverend George Williams said: “Despite several warnings, Brogan Hayes continued to open her business in contravention of the regulations.

“The offences were committed at the height of the lockdown, and her actions were deliberate and wilful.

“She did not comply with the coronavirus regulations.

“She is no longer working but could have indeed made some profit during that period, but we have no evidence to show how much she may have made.”

Hayes was fined £250 for each offence of obstructing Council officials, and £250 for failing to close her business when it was not permitted to open.

No separate penalty was given for the offences of failing to comply with a prohibition notice.

She was also ordered to pay £250 in costs to the Council and a £75 surcharge, for a total of £1,075, to be repaid at a rate of £50 each month.