Thirty-five years ago, who remembers queueing to see this controversial movie, Rambo: First Blood Part II?

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As queues stretched across Broadway for the afternoon and evening showings of the Sylvester Stallone shocker, some groups were calling for the film to be banned, due to the high level of violence.

In America, the most talked about film was receiving high praise from leading politicians, including President Reagan. But in the UK - and Bradford - audiences laughed at his ridiculous exploits.

The BBC also announced that it would not be showing the first Rambo over the Christmas period as planned.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Judging from the response in Bradford, the brawny actor was set to make a killing at the box office despite the critics.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Some Bradford folk did not see the funny side of the muscle-bound, one-man army, spray-painting Bradford’s billboards with the slogan ‘Take the toys from the boys’.