A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy who filmed his life in lockdown for more than 100 days has shared a child's insight into the 'new normal' at school.

Mohammad Adam Hussain, who lives in West Bowling with his family, set himself the challenge of capturing his daily life until the start of a new school term.

The schoolboy first posted a video on his Youtube channel, Discover With Adam, on his last day of school where he described having an "unusual day".

But now, 172 days later, he has returned to education and offered his thoughts on aspects of his new life, from "unbelievable queues" to watching films during lunchtime.

Now, to round off his vlogging feat, the young boy has created a 'Back to School review', echoing the thoughts and feelings of many young children across the country.

Presenting to his viewers, Adam said: "You'll probably be wondering, Adam, where have you been? I have been busy with school. I'm not going to have time to do daily videos. So Adam, what's happening at school is what you're probably thinking. I can answer that.

"We have to queue up before entering school. Sometimes it takes a short time, sometimes it takes a really long time. It's just unpredictable.

"When we're eating lunch we get to watch movies while we're eating, which I love.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

"The other big change is hand sanitiser, at the entrance to school, at the front of every classroom. Now there's hand sanitisers everywhere.

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

"Our most important change is bubbles. If bubbles collide, they burst into thin air. You do PE together, you eat together, you literally do everything together. Everything is done inside the classroom inside our little, little bubble."

Adam's dad, Shafaq, said he had to boost his son's confidence when it came to the school return. Before the term began, Adam had expressed worries that his long hair might make him pick up the virus and asked to have it cut.

A number of organisations have been providing online resources to help children around the globe combat anxiety about covid-19.

"When I spoke to him he was very nervous on the first day," Shafaq said.

"I took him down, I joined the queues and he said, 'Dad, what's happening here?'. He waited a while and when he saw his friends he lightened up a bit more. It's like they've been away.

"He was listening to the news and he was really concerned. For his first half of the videos he hadn't gone out as he was scared. We pushed him away from the news and about day 50 he said, 'Let's plan a day out'.

"It's been about six months since he went back to school. It's nice to know it's back on again."

You can watch Adam's 'Back To School Review' here...