With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to take a look into some of the most haunted pubs in Bradford.

Vodka isn’t the only spirit in these pubs, which locals say are filled with the spectres and souls of people who have long since passed away.

Here are five of the most haunted pubs in Bradford- and the spooky stories behind them.

Dog and Gun in Oxenhope

(Credit: Google Maps)

The ghost of a woman who has been nicknamed Lucy or Sarah is said to haunt this pub.

Legend has it that the woman was a pig farmer who used to spend most of her time here.

One night she got run over by a horse and cart- they brought her into the pub where she passed away.

People say they see a woman dressed in black walking near the ladies’ toilets.

Customers have reported plates flying off the walls and doors slamming- some people even claim to have heard voices.

Lights flicker on, music comes on in the middle of the night and one punter even reported getting pushed in the back by someone.

In 2007, landlord Louis Walton told the Telegraph and Argus that a porcelain angel figurine caught fire in the pub- even the fire fighters couldn’t figure out how it happened.

He said: “We'd laughed off the other incidents but the fire could have been life threatening.

"Our son Jason had just gone upstairs to get some cushions for a friend who was staying the night. He just screamed when he saw the flames and ran into our room."

Old White Lion Hotel, Haworth

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The Old White LionThe Old White Lion

(Credit: Geograph, Betty Longbottom)

This hotel is said to be haunted by thrill-seeker, Lily Cove.

Lily died after a parachuting accident in the area- her body was taken to the Old White Lion.

Several guests have reported seeing her ghost and she is said to frequently haunt room seven

One guest said someone appeared in his room and sat on his bed, causing him to hide under the covers- could it have been Lily?

The Fleece Inn, Haworth

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While the bar area of this pub doesn’t see a lot of paranormal activity, it’s a different story upstairs.

Visitors have reported seeing a black mass in the ladies toilets- some have said it ominously moved towards them.

Some say it’s the spirit of a man who tortured his wife.

Guests who stay overnight say they’ve spotted a Victorian gentleman in a top hat standing in the corner of one of the bedrooms.

One woman thought the figure looks so realistic that she thought it was her husband and asked him to come back to bed- she was horrified to roll over and see her husband sleeping soundly next to her.

The Cricketers arms, Baildon

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People claim to see the ghost of a man in a flat cap haunting this pub.

The apparition was once so lifelike, that the landlord shouted after him- when he switched the light on he had disappeared.

People also report feeling an ominous presence in the cellar of the pub.

Cleaners haver reported seeing the figure in the morning while sitting at the tables.

Old Silent Inn, Keighley

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This inn is over 400 years old and has several ghost stories to its name.

Over a century ago, the pub owner was said to feed the local strays and rang a bell to call them to her.

In the modern day, people still claim to hear her ringing bell as well as the mewing of invisible cats who are looking for food.  

However, one Trip Advisor user says you shouldn’t let ghosts and ghouls prevent you from visiting this place writing that it is haunted by “friendly” ghosts.

The ghost sightings don’t end there, as people have also seen the figure of a man walking up the stairs of the inn- once at the top, he looks around and vanishes.

In 2003, ghost investigators visited the pub and heard children’s voices, footsteps and saw handprints in room 10.