THE Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer have clashed in Parliament over coronavirus restrictions in areas included Bradford.

The Labour leader asked Mr Johnson about areas in England that have been placed under local Covid restrictions like Bradford over the last few weeks and what he plans to do to reassure its residents.

The debate took place during today’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

Sir Keir said: “In some lockdown areas infection rates are still going up. In towns like Bradford, Bury and Oldham restrictions have now been in place for months.

“These communities feel things are getting worse, not better.

“What is the Prime Minister’s strategy for bringing these places out of restrictions, so they can see their families again.

In response, Mr Johnson says the government is working with local authorities across the country, adding: “Nobody wants to impose restrictions of these kind, whether in Bradford or anywhere else in the country “Frankly when you have the virus going up the way it is, you have to take strong local action.

“It does appear that the illness is more localised. That’s why you need direct local action of the kind we are taking.”

Mr Johnson added everyone will have to work together to defeat coronavirus.

Bradford West MP Naz Shah backed Sir Keir mentioning Bradford during the weekly debate, tweeting: