BRADFORD residents loudly and clearly had their say over the district’s roads after we asked for your views.

Almost 400 comments were left on the Telegraph & Argus as readers nominated the roads they thought were worst for driving.

Here is a selection of those comments on both our Facebook page and the online version of our story yesterday:

Clare Denham: “Worst road = All of them in Bradford Seems the drivers there have their own rules of the road. Bad attitude & arrogant too. Glad i don't have to drive through there very often thank goodness.”

Debbie Berrow: "All of them. I live on a road that has speed bumps, doesnt stop vehicles racing up & down it, day or night. & I say vehicles because it isn't just cars that do it, the racket some vans make as their back tyres hit the speed need honestly.”

Sue Dyer Was Forrest: “Haworth Road, Heaton i fear for my life driving down there, need eyes in the back of your head x”

Sharon Attwood: “A 5 mile radius. You definately notice a difference in drivers attitudes and driving standards as you approach Bradford which ever roads you take. It's horrendous.”

Simon Hill: “Center of Idle during rush hour where High street, Bradford road, New Street, Westfield lane & Idlecroft road converge into a massive rat run, Rather than cars sticking to the main roads!”

Sammie Elinor: “Great Horton road!! Must have different laws and rule there its absolutely terrifying down there and I don’t even drive!!!”

Angie Richmond: “Idle Road. They come off the roundabout at Five Lane Ends and get up to speeds of 60 miles an hour in under 3 seconds. Really scary.”

Diane Grange: “Bingley by pass too along with all the others already mentioned.”

Matt Smith: “Pick a road, any road. Hate driving round Bradford.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Asim Rashid: “If you can drive in Bradford then you have done well.”

Alan Estrada-Hindle: “Ooh, it's like choosing your favourite grain of rice out of a 25kilo bag. I like this game.”

Ted Fawthrop: “Manchester road on a night and weekend's. They don't stop for red lights at the crossing's.”

Firdos Hussain: “Should of asked which road is safe to drive in Bradford.”

Michala Ryan: “The whole of Bradford is just 1 racetrack!!”