PUBS and and bars in Bradford city centre have given their thoughts on the new 10pm curfew, explaining how they have had to "adapt and act accordingly" during a "difficult" time.

Last week, it was announced that pubs, bars and restaurants across England will now have to close by 10pm, as part of new coronavirus restrictions.

The new measures have divided opinion and also led to controversy over the weekend, when late-night revellers in York were seen congregating together - singing and dancing - after all coming out of the city's pubs and bars and on to the streets at the same time.

Footage of the incident went viral on social media, being described as "really disappointing" by Fiona Philips, York's assistant director of public health, who also added that such scenes were "inevitable" as a result of the curfew.

Farron Mullen, Manager at Rumshackalack on North Parade, says that the curfew could have a "negative impact" on both business and on health.

With pubs and bars having to close at 10pm, people may carry on their nights out at each other's houses, where it would be harder to maintain social distancing, Farron argues.

"Kicking people out of pubs and bars at 10pm is just going to make them flood the streets and go to house parties instead, so the curfew isn't going to benefit anyone, from what I've gathered", he says.

"A lot of young people aren't just going to stop drinking at 10pm - they could go to someone's house or flat, where you can't really police social distancing.

"At least here, in the pubs and bars, you can get people to abide by the rules. But if they're out on the streets, there's nothing you can do.

"As a business, we also noticed quite a negative impact when comparing the weekend to the one before.

"At the minute, the curfew doesn't really affect us during the week, but on Saturday, 10pm, 11pm and 12pm would normally be our prime hours.

"So, as a result, we're losing clientele and I think it will be a struggle, to be honest. People are scared to come out and I think a few businesses will be affected."

Ellen Boyle, Events Manager at the Ye Olde Crown pub on Ivegate, added that it is a "shame" that the curfew has been introduced.

She also said that pubs, bars and restaurants in Bradford must "adapt" and "act accordingly" in order to survive.

"The curfew has divided opinion, and I don't think it was the best idea in the world to introduce it - things have been a struggle for people as it is this year", Ellen said.

"We still have events on, but we make sure we finish on time. We're starting our events earlier and we're managing things. You have to change, adapt and act accordingly.

"But we're very lucky that we can do that, because not all pubs, bars and restaurants can adapt in the same way, and that must be awful.

"Some of our customers don't like the new rules, but they still adhere to them and to all the other rules too, which is important.

"It's a shame for the younger generation, as they're more likely to stay out later and they often come out later too.

"So I think it will affect them a lot more, as they won't have anything to do after ten, but most of our customers here tend to be of all different ages."