THE Not Forgotten, a British Armed Forces charity, has launched the ‘Forgot You Not’ campaign to find and thank the country’s WWII veterans.

There is currently no definitive register of those who fought for their country in WWII, so the charity is asking for the veterans or their friends and family to come forward with their details.

The charity intends to send a Forgot You Not gift box to up to 5,000 veterans to thank them for their service, lift lockdown spirits, remind them their service remains valued and let them know they are not forgotten.

The campaign is spearheaded by 94-year-old Bernard ‘Bunny’ Ennis, former rear gunner in the RAF who recently raised over £3,600 for the charity by cycling 12.1km in seven days.

He said: “2020 has been difficult for many, especially those shielding from COVID-19 and I wanted to help support where I could. The Not Forgotten have done so much for me, and for others, so to help raise funds and awareness is a dream come true. I will continue to raise more money for as long as I can.”

Details can be submitted online at until October 16.