BAD news for Bradford, who new research has revealed to be one of the least sexual cities in the UK.

The team at Supplement Place have looked into their own data, alongside Google searches to reveal which towns and cities are desperately seeking new ways to spice up their sex lives.

People in Bradford were among the highest searches in the country for ‘how to increase sex drive’, ‘sex toys’, ‘sex positions’, ‘viagra’ and ‘aphrodisiac’.

Bradford ranks 41st in the top 50 list of UK cities, with an overall score of 26.4 points. It scored 13.4 for sexual health supplement orders and 75.5 for sex related searches.

Walsall is top with an overall score of 100.00.

Cardiff finished 50th with an overall score of 14.9.

The research can be found here;

A spokesperson for Supplement Place, said: "The research shows that they rank 43/50th for sexual health in the UK.

“With people spending more time at home than ever and having less access to traditional medical services, now is the perfect time to give supplements a go. They can be a great way to improve libido and our sex lives."