CITY have tonight expressed their disappointment with Stevenage and Grimsby for the way both have outlined their positions on positive coronavirus tests at their clubs.

They also said it is "frustrating" to not know whether tomorrow's game with the former is going ahead, less than 24 hours before it is due to kick off.

The Bantams' game against Stevenage tomorrow has been thrown in doubt after a visiting player reported mild Covid symptoms yesterday - and received a positive coronavirus test result this morning.

And Grimsby have announced that they will not be playing the Bantams next week because their staff are self-isolating after the same situation.

The Bantams' director of communications and commercial, Ryan Sparks, said: "We are hugely disappointed by the manner in which Stevenage and Grimsby Town have chosen to outline their positions this evening, without consulting us. 

"As things stand - less than 24 hours before kick-off - we are still awaiting clarification as to whether or not tomorrow's fixture can go ahead as planned. This, in itself, is very frustrating. 

"I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to our supporters. The situation, at this stage, is entirely out of our hands and we will do everything we can to bring you up to speed as quickly as possible."

A statement on the Stevenage website confirmed the player, who was tested yesterday, is currently self-isolating – and the club immediately cancelled their travel plans while all staff were tested.

The website report said that results from the tests will be known and acted upon first thing tomorrow morning in consultation with the EFL.

Stevenage chairman Phil Wallace said: "What we have been told to do – only test players and management with symptoms – might have been acceptable when numbers were low but things have changed and when it happens in your club, you feel an obligation to test everyone, if only to reassure them.

"But what do we do if another individual reports with symptoms on Monday – test everyone all over again? This isn’t the right way and nor is only testing symptomatic players.

"The EFL simply can’t leave it to clubs to decide who gets tested and who doesn’t for all sorts of fairly obvious reasons.

"With what’s in front of us, I believe we have to find a way to get weekly testing funded.

"This virus is here to stay so each and every one of our players will probably catch it at some point. If we test on a specific day each week, we have a chance of managing the spread within our squads.

"What we are doing now – only testing folk that have symptoms and allowing each club to decide whether or not it tests further - is going to result in mass infections all at once and games cancelled as a result.

"I have no medical training or knowledge, but I can see trouble ahead when it is lit up in lights. We have to find a way of funding regular testing, so clubs can have a chance of survival."

Meanwhile, Grimsby chairman Philip Day has announced that their games against Cheltenham tomorrow, City next Saturday and an EFL Trophy tie at Hull are all off.

The club have been told that their training ground must remain closed for 14 days.