SIR - In response to the article by Brad Deas (T&A, September 24) about concern at 'lack of face covering'.

I have been in the Broadway numerous times and see the great majority of people not covering their face. I have never seen anyone approached for not wearing a mask. I don't see many respecting the protocols.

It was reported that the centre manager said it is the responsibility of the police to enforce the rule. It is, but the centre's staff have a responsibility to advise customers. They don't appear to do so. People are just left to do whatever they want.

As it stands at the moment, with exemptions there is no valid proof of exemption. I am exempt but other than saying I am exempt or showing a Mickey Mouse charity's 'I am exempt' card, the police have no way of proving I am not complying with the ruling.

In order for us to prevent passing on or catching the virus, everyone must wear a mask or avoid these areas.

Regardless of how hard it affects those genuinely unable to comply, we must make the compulsory order mean everyone. No exemptions. At the moment it only gives the opportunity for those who can, but don't want to comply, the go ahead to break the rules.

Until EVERYONE works together, we will still be reading articles like this, this time next year.

William Oliver, Gerard House, Idle