A 19-YEAR-old from Bradford has won a national learning award after finding employment at a car dealership in the city following a traineeship scheme.

Daniel Hasan has picked up the Outstanding Achiever of the Year award from national training provider Qube Learning after undertaking a short traineeship with Cars2 Hyundai earlier this year.

Daniel was committed to gaining as much experience as he could during the placement and was spurred on by his goal of working in motoring as well as to make his mum proud.

While working as a trainee at the dealership, Daniel was determined to take his career further and was soon taken on as an apprentice at the firm.

His achievements were celebrated at an online award ceremony hosted by Qube Learning, which runs the Kick Start Centre in Bradford, where Daniel was able to access the traineeship programme.

He said: “Receiving the Outstanding Achiever of the Year award is truly one of my greatest achievements.

"Presented with personal and professional challenges along the way, Qube and Cars2 Hyundai motivated me to succeed and stay focused, they really saw my capabilities and encouraged me to keep going.

"For anyone looking to start a traineeship, look at the bigger picture, you do deserve to be the star of your own movie. You are the only one who can make it happen, support from family and friends in invaluable but you are the only one who can wake yourself every day and take those steps towards a brighter future."

Daniel had admitted to previously having no real direction, but knew he wanted to make a drastic change.

So he adjusted his sleep patterns to ensure he gets to work on time and has also managed to successfully juggle family responsibilities.

He says he has seen what a more structured life is like and this has spurred him on further to hopefully be able to enjoy the doors that will be opened up for him professionally.

Joe Crossley, CEO of Qube Learning said: “Traineeships are a great way for people to gain expertise and propel themselves in their chosen industry, and the award ceremony is a way for those passionate individuals to be applauded.

"We come across so many exceptional people like Daniel who have shown great determination to get where they are today, and that is why we hold this event every year to celebrate their undeniable passion to flourish and succeed.”

Qube Learning is an OFSTED grade 2 (good) training provider and works with hundreds of employers across the country to deliver a range of training and qualifications to a multitude of students.

In Bradford, Qube works through the city centre Kick Start centre, offering access to traineeships and apprentices for young people.