KNOWING the best places to park in the city centre are so important if you are planning a full day hitting the shops or a day out with the family.

Now, thanks to car finance company Zuto, you can know the cheapest places in Bradford to park, and the areas to avoid if you don't want it to cost an arm and a leg.

Bradford has the second cheapest average city centre car parking prices in the country at £2.04, behind only Wolverhampton on £1.90.

And if you want to get the cheapest spot in the city, and joint cheapest place to park on in England, you need to head to Captain Street where it costs just £1.50 for the whole day.

The joint second cheapest streets are East Parade in Little Germany, and Westgate, where parking will set you back £2.

The next cheapest at £2.20 is Bolton Road, although you will have a bit of a walk to the city centre, followed by George Street where parking is £2.50 - but you can pay on card.

In contrast, the most expensive street to park on in Bradford is Southgate, which costs a whopping £12.50 for the day, followed by the Broadway which costs £6, however it does offer electrical vehicle charging points.

Radwell Drive, Simes Street and Britannia Street are the next most expensive at £4.

But these look like relative bargains compared to the most expensive places to park in the country; Brewer Street in the City of London at £60 a day, and Liverpool Lime Street Station which costs a colossal £135 a day!