AUTOMATIC bollards could be installed in the car park of a World Heritage Site mill to stop trespassers entering.

The Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, based at New Mill in Saltaire, is hoping to boost security at the site - which is in the historic model village.

The trust says the car park of the building is subject to "regular trespassers."

Earlier this year plans to install railings on the wall separating the car park from the bank of the River Aire were approved.

And now the Trust has submitted a planning application for CCTV cameras in the car park and bollards to prevent cars from accessing the car park, just off Victoria Road.

If the plans are approved, a single rising automatic bollard will be installed at the entrance to the car park, with another installed on the exit.

Staff car park at Saltaire business 'would harm World Heritage Site'

The bollards would be coloured Saltaire green to match other street furniture in the heritage site.

The application says: "This area is subject to regular trespassers who access the car park in general during both business and out of hours.

"This is a great safety concern to the building owner and for staff who are concerned about potential car damage. As a result, the proposal also includes the installation of CCTV.

"The new CCTV cameras will be installed to the building and existing lampposts where possible.

"The bollards are a removable fixture that will not permanently affect the existing building.

"The bollards are also not considered to have an impact on the existing site or any adverse effect on the character or historical integrity of the surrounding World Heritage Site."

A decision on the application is expected in November.